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Do You Need to Be Worried About Asbestos in Your Home?

Worried About Asbestos in Your Home

For most of the 20th Century, asbestos was a very common building materials, mostly because it is an effective insulator and fire retardant. In some parts of the world, it’s still used, but asbestos has been banned in the U.S. and Canada because we’ve come to know more about the health risks that is poses…

5 Mold Prevention Tips For Your Toronto Home

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Toronto and the surrounding Ontario area provide the perfect climate for mold growth. Heavy rainfall and flooding may occur throughout the year. This creates the ideal environment for mold to develop inside and around your home. Since mold thrives where water exists there may also be inside factors that contribute to it’s growth such as…

The Benefits of Professional Mold Removal in Toronto

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Removing mold from your interior is more than applying a few home remedies. It is a highly involved process that requires thorough assessment and treatment from experienced professionals who can provide long term solutions. Toronto and the surrounding Ontario climate provides the perfect breeding ground for mold formation. Once mold takes root in your building…

Why You Need an Asbestos Inspection in Your Toronto Home or Business

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If you’re not a Toronto contractor, builder, or construction worker you probably rarely think about the materials that go into building your home or business property. After all we trust that walls, flooring, roofing materials, and other components are environmentally safe. And while this is generally true, both time and the elements can cause good…

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