Commercial Asbestos Services in Toronto

    Commercial Asbestos Services in TorontoOur Toronto asbestos removal sets the standard for Commercial Asbestos Removal Services in Toronto and the surrounding Ontario area. As a leader in the industry we provide real long term solutions that work for your business. With the eminent health risks to both your staff and clients, it is important to insure that the asbestos has either been contained or 100% removed in order to restore a healthy environment to your company. We help companies and contractors comply with local and national regulations for asbestos treatment in order to keep your operation moving with no interruption. If you need Commercial Asbestos Services in Toronto then contact Remove Asbestos Canada today. We are the asbestos experts!

    Accurate Asbestos Inspections

    There are several places in your store or office building where asbestos may be located. It may show up in areas such as steam pipes, boilers, air ducts, tiling, cement sheets, millboard, door gaskets, patching, joint compounds, textured paints, or even roofing material like cement roofing, shingles or siding around the outside of the property. We provide a thorough inspection service that covers every detail of your structure. Using highly advanced technology and the latest asbestos detection services, our team can identify the key areas where asbestos exists and report to you what condition the asbestos is in.

    We Provide DSS Reports

    If you are a contractor and need DSS a report in order to launch or continue your construction project, then we provide accurate and thorough reports. A DSS report is essential for your company as it provides a clear assessment of all the harmful materials and contaminants that are within and around the property. Without a DSS report a city inspector can suspend or terminate your building, remodeling or demolition project in order to keep your employees and customers safe. Our DSS reporting service is efficient, dependable, and affordable. If you job has come to a halt, then we can get you running again within 24 hours. Get a complete report today from Remove Asbestos Canada!

    Commercial Asbestos Abatement

    With asbestos there is more than one possible solution for treatment. If the asbestos in your business in flaking or in poor condition then there’s a good chance it will have to be removed entirely. Depending on it’s condition, however, it may be possible to repair it or simply isolate and contain it. This is something that a highly experienced and trained company can consider. Since asbestos causes serious health problems, finding the best solution is essential. With a thorough inspection we can help you with the best course of action to take on how to treat the asbestos.

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