Toronto Air Quality Testing

    Mold can be seen throughout your home or office. It generally appears on the floor or lower walls in your kitchen or bathroom and can also be easily identified around your window frame. What many home and business owners don’t realize, however, is the amount of mold that is lingering in the air throughout every room in your interior. We provide complete Toronto Air Quality Testing which includes taking air samples in order to determine how contaminated the environment is in the property. Asbestos Removal Canada can provide you with comprehensive accurate reports and help your find the most effective solutions in order to re-establish a healthy home or business for everyone inside.

    How to Locate Mold

    Simply put, mold thrives on moisture and high humidity. So wherever there is water, you can that mold is already beginning to formulate. Water can be present in almost any area of your home or business. Target areas may include restrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, around window frames, leaky roofs and attics, and around the outer foundation of the building. Once mold takes root it begins to develop microscopic spores that are not visible to the eye. These spores become air-borne and circulate throughout the interior via the air conditioning system. Millions of mold and algae spores can accumulate in the air causing it to become impure.

    Health Hazards of Mold

    Since mold is in the air, it can easily be inhaled and enter your respiratory system as well as other parts of your body and have negative impact. Although mold doesn’t affect everyone the same way, the affects of mold infestation are well-documented. If you already have a conditioner, such as asthma, then mold can aggravate the condition and make things even worse. Mold has been linked to numerous respiratory problems including nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose, wheezing and difficulty breathing. You may also feel tightness in the chest, coughing, throat irritation and sneezing fits. If you suspect that mold is triggering your health problems, then contact our Toronto asbestos removal company and schedule an on-site inspection.

    Complete Testing for Your Business

    With all the health hazards associated with mold, it’s essential to have your business inspected on a regular bases. If you’re a business owner and you have employees, then you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment in which to work. With clean air in your building, your staff has a less chance of getting sick and missing work. This also provides a great service for your customers and clients who depend on you to create a clean room atmosphere every time they walk through the doors. Do yourself and your employees a favor today and get Toronto Air Quality Testing from Remove Asbestos Canada. It’s fast, affordable, and dependable!

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