Dependable Toronto Mold Reports

    Toronto Mold ReportsAre you a home or business owner and need a mold inspection and report? Then contact our Toronto asbestos removal company. With over 25 years of direct experience in the asbestos and mold industry, we offer thorough, detailed DSS and Toronto Mold Reports for all residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the surrounding Ontario area. Our staff are certified and licensed in all areas of mold inspection, reporting and removal. We provide fast service that is both dependable, and affordable. Asbestos Removal Canada can help you meet all national and local regulations while removing mold, algae, and other contaminants completely from your property.

    Accurate Reporting from Remove Asbestos

    When it comes to Toronto Mold Reports, accuracy is the key. While it is generally recognized that mold can be a source allergies and illness, what’s not clear is how much mold it takes and how it will affect the health of your family. If you’re a business owner with employees and customers who enter your store on a daily basis, then getting the facts about how mold will affect all the inhabitants is vital. So before mold removal or other solutions are provided, it’s best to get a detailed inspection followed by a detailed report of the kind of mold that is growing in your property and how much of it is present.

    Get a DSS Report Today!

    If a city inspector suspends your current construction project down due to a missing DSS report, contact us immediately and we’ll have you back in operation within 24 hours. According to Toronto regulations you must receive a Designated Substance Survey (or DSS Report) prior to launching any construction, demolition, or renovation project. This regulation is standard for all homes and businesses no matter how large or small. Our qualified inspectors provide you with detailed DSS reports that test for mold, algae, asbestos and all other substances that could be harmful for the environment inside your building. With a DSS report you can proceed with construction in a healthy atmosphere.

    What Information Does a Report Provide?

    While the obvious answer to that question is mold, a professional Toronto Mold Report gives you all the relevant information related to the findings. Such information includes the types of mold that are found. While some molds are normal and harmless, other types of mold are destructive and cause health issues. If a mold infestation has compromised the structural integrity of a building then remodeling or renovation may be recommended. Analysis can also discover where the mold is located and what’s causing it such as flooding, leaky pipes, or high humidity. Inspections can also reveal how old the mold is and if it is current or past mold. Inspections can also tell you how much contamination is actually in the air versus how much of it is contained or isolated in certain areas.

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