Professional Toronto Mold Testing

    Toronto Mold ServicesIf you discover mold growing in or around your residential or commercial property then it may be time to get your home or business inspected by our Toronto asbestos removal company. We provide clear and precise Toronto Mold Testing for all properties across Toronto and the surrounding Ontario area. Our entire team of Toronto Mold Testing technicians are licensed and certified to perform all types of mold tests. You can feel confident knowing that wherever there is mold, Asbestos Removal Canada will find it and safely remove it. With a professional mold removal company you get the long term results you’re looking for with service is affordable, fast, and dependable.

    The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

    Mold occurs when there are high levels of water or humidity in your home. Once it takes root it produces spores which become air born and are circulated throughout every room in the house. This contaminates your environment and can trigger health problems that range from asthma to numerous respiratory conditions. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Some allergic symptoms may include fever, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and even skin rashes. Using advanced technology and modern techniques we can inspect your home and identify all traces of mold on both interior surfaces and in the air. Once the mold is detected we can provide solutions for cleaning the environment in your home.

    Commercial Testing for Ontario Businesses

    If you own a commercial business or office building in Toronto, then you know the value of maintaining a safe atmosphere for both your employees and customers. If left unchecked mold can spread through your facilities fast and get in your walls, your ceiling, roof, around the foundation on the outside of the building and in key areas where there is moisture like public restrooms and break rooms. This can be harmful for those who are highly allergic to this kind of contamination. We provide the same level of quality inspections for businesses as we do for homes. Our team is licensed for all commercial properties and can safely and quickly kill the mold that is growing on your property.

    Complete Service from Remove Asbestos Canada

    Toronto Mold Testing is more than just looking around the surface to find dark spots. It requires the expertise of a qualified technician that can locate mold in even the most hard to find places. This includes areas such as the roof and the attic and tight spaces such as the inner lining of the walls. We look for visible signs of growth as well as distinctive aromas that accompany the presence of high levels of mold and algae. Using the most advanced equipment and proven methods we are able to locate the mold and give you a complete accurate report of where the mold is, how much growth is present, and how to best remove it. With Remove Asbestos Canada you get comprehensive service with 100% results.

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